Andrzej Podgurski

Studied in Warsaw School of Economic. Fan of MTB and extreme sports, which he use to test for polish television. Participant of Warsaw Critical Mass and Delloitte Adventure Team. Organizer of VeloMaidan Warsaw. Participant of Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. Coordinator of missions and help to the war zone in East Ukraine. Co-founder of such initiatives Читати далі


Oleksandr Chuprynyuk

Oleksandr Chuprynyuk – public figure, sportsman. 29 years old, was born in Vyshneve, Kyiv region. Cycler and runner, head of local “Cherry Sport Club”. Extremely passionate in schoolchildren patriotic education, popularizes health and progressive life amongst youth within the bounds of literature and illuminating project “Spirit Nation”. An organizer of huge range of cultural and Читати далі


Alexander Vynohradov

Alexander Vynohradov – a specialist in the IT field, a graduate of NTUU “KPI”, freelancer from Kiev. Born in 1982, and actively engaged in cycling since 2011. Participated or led, cycling tours of I-V c.c. in countries such as Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine. Bike trek V c.c. Varna-Plovdiv, took second place in the Читати далі


Skoryk Max

Skoryk Max was born in Smila, grew up in Cherkassy. He studied at the Kiev National University, specialty geographer geomorphology, was active in student government. Now a specialist in IT, freelancer. Machine gunner in 12SMIB from the beginning of the war. The man for whom freedom is not just a word.


Panchenko Egor

Panchenko Egor – cyclist, musician. Born in Kiev in 1986. Started cycling in 2007. Founded Blood Brothers Cycling Team in 2013. In 2009 he took part in a bicycle ride “Sport for All unites Ukraine” and crossed 1,500 km in 10 days from Sevastopol to Kyiv. Works in his own workshop, assembling and repairing bicycles. Читати далі


Samchuk Kostyantyn (The author of the project)

Samchuk Kostyantyn – ukrainian traveller, sportsman, warrior ATO. Was borned 28 March 1978. In his list of achievements: climbing on the highest points of 4 continents: Elbrus 5621m (Europe), Kilimanjaro (Africa), 2228m peak Kosciuszko (Australia) and alone 6962m Aconcagua (South America) and others. With voyages a service record include: participation in the circumnavigation on a copy of ancient Slavic rook “Rusich” Читати далі