Chumak Way – Cycle US & Canada for Peace

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10,000 km – 400 towns – 100 days

Chumak Way – Cycle US & Canada for Peace is a 10,000 km (6,000 miles) North American cycling tour starting in Los Angeles and ending in Washington D.C.  The Chumak Way team is biking for peace and in support of families and orphans who suffered from war in Eastern Ukraine. Within 100 days 10 Ukrainian volunteers and war veterans will cycle through more than 400 towns and cities of the US and Canada.

Everyone is welcome to meet with the team and join the tour!
Scroll down to see route and schedule of the Chumak Way cycling tour.


We are Chumak Way cyclists – we explore the world and want it to be a peaceful place. The country where we come from – Ukraine – survived two World Wars and is now under attack again. Some of us were at the frontline to defend our country from aggressors. We know it is possible to end war wherever it takes place in the world. We must look for solutions. Together. That is why we bike for peace.

Challenge yourself and cycle the world to encourage peace!

Our 10,000 km (6,000 miles) tour starts in Los Angeles, CA and goes through more than 400 towns and cities of the US and Canada ending in Washington D.C. This is 100 days of vigorous cycling across the continent from Pacific to Atlantic. Would you like to be a part of this extraordinary endeavour?

Yes, you can join us! Just pick your starting point, pick your distance and let us know!

To join, please contact us at

Bike for peace with Chumak Way!

We accept donations. Your generous support of the Chumak Way cycling tour will help families affected by war in Eastern Ukraine and orphans left behind.  

Detailed route map, tracking and schedule

22.05.2018    Los Angeles
23.05.2018    Santa Barbara
24.05.2018    Santa Maria
25.05.2018    San Miguel
26.05.2018    Salinas
27.05.2018    San Jose
28.05.2018    San francisco
31.05.2018    Sacramento
01.06.2018    Chico
02.06.2018    Viola
03.06.2018    Lookout 
04.06.2018    Klamath Falls
05.06.2018    Willamette Pass Inn
06.06.2018    Corvallis
07.06.2018    Portland
09.06.2018    Centralia
10.06.2018    Seattle
12.06.2018    Mount Vernon
13.06.2018    Vancouver
16.06.2018    Hope
17.06.2018    Princeton
18.06.2018    Kelowna
19.06.2018    Craigellachie
20.06.2018    Hemlock Grove Boardwalk
21.06.2018    Leanchoil
22.06.2018    Banff
23.06.2018    Calgary
25.06.2018    Olds, Red Deer
26.06.2018    Edmonton
28.06.2018    Vegerville
29.06.2018    Arm Lake Wainwrig
30.06.2018    North Battleford
01.07.2018    Saskatoon
03.07.2018    Craik
04.07.2018    Regina
05.07.2018    Yorkton
06.07.2018    Moosomin
07.07.2018    Sidney
08.07.2018    Oakvile, Winnipeg
10.07.2018    Lake Bronson
11.07.2018    Erskine
12.07.2018    Fergus Falls
13.07.2018    St Cloud
14.07.2018    Minneapolis
16.07.2018    Nelson
17.07.2018    Wilton
18.07.2018    Madison
19.07.2018    Union
20.07.2018    Chicago
23.07.2018    Berrien Springs
24.07.2018    Homer
25.07.2018    Detroit
28.07.2018    Shetland
29.07.2018    London
30.07.2018    Brantford
31.07.2018    Toronto, Oshawa
03.08.2018    Hamilton, St. Catharines
04.08.2018    Buffalo
05.08.2018    Rochester
06.08.2018    Syracuse
07.08.2018    Theresa
08.08.2018    Massena
09.08.2018    Ottawa
11.08.2018    Montreal
14.08.2018    Milton
15.08.2018    Williamstown
16.08.2018    Andover
17.08.2018    Boston
19.08.2018    Ashford
20.08.2018    New Haven
21.08.2018    New York
25.08.2018    East Brunswick
26.08.2018    Horsham
27.08.2018    Newark
28.08.2018    Baltimore
29.08.2018    Washington

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