Day 1. We are abroad and with polish numbers

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We started in Lviv at 5 a. m. The route is Lviv- Zamość (136 km). There almost was no rain, but strong cross wind was changing our tour during the stage. Our middle speed was far from road bicycle racing. But anything can happen.
We’d like to remind once more about successful border crossing thanks to support and coordinated work of Ukrainian and Polish frontier guards. It is very important, as we carried all reserve of food given by supermarket “Furshet”. We are grateful for your help with food. No comments. If custom officers hadn’t let us cross the border with considerable cargo, it would have caused bad consequences for all of us – all participants of cycle race.
It was also quite funny later. When we crossed the border by Oleg Nazarenko station wagon, we quickly had to find permanent vehicle. We’ve bought Polish bus for 1500$ from our friend. Those were the circumstances of insuperable force, as before the start, one of the cycle race partners refused help with vehicle. Without it our ride was more costly.
Under such conditions, our ride could be disrupted, but this is not our story. At the moment, we are in Zamość for camping. We have taken a meal and we are going to relax. Tomorrow we are moving to Lublin, where we have a range of interesting meetings, in particular with Consul-General of Ukraine in Lublin and local diaspora.
Keep in mind that you can support us and believe that it is very important! Good night and see you tomorrow.

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