Semak Maksym

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Semak Maksym – was born on July 31, 1988 in Kyiv in the Ukrainian family. Autochthon
of Kyiv. I have several higher technical educations. I work as the engineer at the international airport Kyiv and I work in the GIS-company over creation of the new detailed map reference book of the city part-time.
From 16 years I started being engaged in autonomous mountain cycle campaigns. I conquered the highest peaks of the Crimea and the Carpathians,

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123 (6)I traveled in impassable rocks, there where the bicycle in general was excess attribute for a campaign.

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I traveled in the picturesque ways of Sumshchina and Chernihivshchyna regions,

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at the last minute I opened for myself the new horizons still of our, east steppe Crimea,

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I reconnoitered the desert island Dzharylgach,

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I overcame beaten ways of the southern Bessarabia along the Black Sea coast,

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I enjoyed “mirror highways” of Belarus.

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Generally, for me travel is associated first of all with a cycle tourism that allows to glance in the most remote and hard-to-reach spots. Well and of course the bicycle is a fan, new impressions, new acquaintances!

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Also a hobby – mountain skiing on favourite Dragobrat.

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I am the winner of competition of reports of cycle campaigns of 2014 on the main city Bikeforum.

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I took part in creation Dignity revolution – I visited meetings, I brought necessary things, food. I left at night on patrol of the area, besides by bicycle,

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when started burning our cars every night on which brought the help on the Maidan. I remember also Orange revolution, since the first student’s times, the atmosphere of unity, goodwill and support. Exactly there for the first time I felt patriotic spirit.

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